Saturday, August 14, 2010

What round 2 of birth taught me..

~All midwives are not the same, and are not all like minded.

~ Staying out of the doctors office and hospital during pregnancy and most of the time for the birth really is ideal.

~Trusting the birth process and considering it all ok and normal is the first step in having a successful birth.

~ No one, and I do mean NO ONE truly seeks your best interest except you and your family.

~Trusting your instincts is okay even when the pressure is on to not to.

~Sleep IS important...birthing without sleep isn't very easy is not a good start with a newborn.

~I call the shots, and support is important...anyone not able to handle that should be fired on the spot.

~ I CAN birth a child without any help at all...but its nice to have the necessary people around after I have done the hard part.

~Birth is definitely not something to fear and neither is the "pain"...its all perfectly normal.

~ You CAN make some hospitals do it YOUR way.

~ Pushing a baby out naturally without drugs or an epidural surprisingly feels wonderful and is a glorious high that I still dream of repeating.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why do I feel naked?

Ok, so now I have a blog and can express so freely right?...wrong...I feel naked now..Like I would rather just hide..LoL.. I have issues with expressing myself for fear of others taking me all wrong. The truth is that I don't want to apologize for my beleifs but at the same time I don't want others to feel condem at the same time. Im really open to people having different ideas than me and I can truly respect them for that. Sadly, I have found that most folks can't respect other's opinions if they are different than theirs. So actually Im an outcast on both sides. The crunchy mamas attack eachother for differning opinions and the non crunchy mamas feel so attacked by everyone who isn't mainstream like them. Lemme vent just for a second...

Seriously, why can't we all just get along?... Why are women so darn catty?..its ridiculous! I see fighting among the mothers and if only our kids were watching this!...Its not nessisary and just makes everyone look leave it alone.

SO, now some might be wondering what in the world am I talking about?... well Im talking about my virutal world of mommies of course. YEp...staying at home all day without a single adult conversations means connecting with moms across the world with just a click of a mouse. I guess there are high school type clicks in all aspects of life huh? ridiculous...ugh...I guess this is why I never fit in. I really don't like drama...

I just like to talk about what no one else touches. Is that so bad?...does that make me an instigator?, I don't think so... I do like to argue...but not to the extent that people get all riled up and mad at eachother. I just wanna know if your brain is a turnin. Thats all..

SO anyway..maybe one day soon I'll start blogging about whats a turnin in my soon as I get over the fact that it feels like Im naked and exposed while doing it.

no ones looking anyway right?...well this is the internet! *grabs my robe*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is this thing ON?

Great!...I finally have a blog I can rant and express my opinions freely and not feel like Im in everyone's face. Its a read at your own risk here and if you don't agree..then don't read me =)

I have needed a place to vent my thoughts for a long time now. I feel like such an outcast because of the things I believe and don't understand how I can be so comfortable with myself and what I believe and yet others can be so uncomfortable that Im comfortable!
I think it makes folks nervous that I follow my instincts in parenting and think through what Im told. I don't do anything because someone says to. Thats right, not even doctors compel me to do something just because they said it. I think for myself thank you very much and Im proud of that. I have deep convictions about certain issues such as vaccines, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting.

I became a mom 4 years ago now and I have been learning who I am ever since. I was so born to do this and its the only thing I want to be doing. I admit I don't have it all together, as no one does..but I am confident and established...and am eager to learn more. This blog is meant to be an outlet and whoever wants to listen can...

Now, is this thing ON?