Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is this thing ON?

Great!...I finally have a blog I can rant and express my opinions freely and not feel like Im in everyone's face. Its a read at your own risk here and if you don't agree..then don't read me =)

I have needed a place to vent my thoughts for a long time now. I feel like such an outcast because of the things I believe and don't understand how I can be so comfortable with myself and what I believe and yet others can be so uncomfortable that Im comfortable!
I think it makes folks nervous that I follow my instincts in parenting and think through what Im told. I don't do anything because someone says to. Thats right, not even doctors compel me to do something just because they said it. I think for myself thank you very much and Im proud of that. I have deep convictions about certain issues such as vaccines, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting.

I became a mom 4 years ago now and I have been learning who I am ever since. I was so born to do this and its the only thing I want to be doing. I admit I don't have it all together, as no one does..but I am confident and established...and am eager to learn more. This blog is meant to be an outlet and whoever wants to listen can...

Now, is this thing ON?

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