Saturday, August 14, 2010

What round 2 of birth taught me..

~All midwives are not the same, and are not all like minded.

~ Staying out of the doctors office and hospital during pregnancy and most of the time for the birth really is ideal.

~Trusting the birth process and considering it all ok and normal is the first step in having a successful birth.

~ No one, and I do mean NO ONE truly seeks your best interest except you and your family.

~Trusting your instincts is okay even when the pressure is on to not to.

~Sleep IS important...birthing without sleep isn't very easy is not a good start with a newborn.

~I call the shots, and support is important...anyone not able to handle that should be fired on the spot.

~ I CAN birth a child without any help at all...but its nice to have the necessary people around after I have done the hard part.

~Birth is definitely not something to fear and neither is the "pain"...its all perfectly normal.

~ You CAN make some hospitals do it YOUR way.

~ Pushing a baby out naturally without drugs or an epidural surprisingly feels wonderful and is a glorious high that I still dream of repeating.

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